Acoustic Foam Tiles.

Acoustic Foam Tiles Supplied Direct From The Manufacturer.

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Acoustic Foam Bass Traps.

Professional Acoustic Foam Corner Bass Traps Supplied Direct From The Manufacturer.

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Acoustic Foam Room Kits.

Room Kits. - Acoustic Tiles bundled with Corner Bass Traps, to give you a complete room treatment solution.

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Pro Acoustic Foam - Professional Studio Acoustic Treatment.

Free Delivery to most UK mainland postcodes. Tel : 0845 600 9041

Acoustic Foam From Pro-Acoustic Professional Acoustic Treatment .

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Pro Acoustic manufacture, and distribute a large variety of acoustic foam products. For both professional and amateur music enthusiasts. The range, is designed to acoustically enhance your listening pleasure. And because we actually manufacture the tiles and traps. They are supplied at a very competitive price.

Pro acoustic foam will greatly help by reducing reverberation. Reflections and flutter echoes. In both professional and home recording studios. Music rehearsal rooms. Home theaters. And home cinemas. Or in any situation, where a controlled acoustic environment is needed .


The Pro Acoustic, range of acoustic room treatment is now over 10 years old. And we have supplied high quality engineered tiles and bass traps to hundreds of recording studios. As well as thousands of individuals. By selling direct from the factory. We Keep our acoustic foam prices keen. This allows our products to be more affordable.

AFP100 Pyramid Tile.

acoustic foam pyramid

AFBTX Bass Trap.

acoustic foam bass trap

AFHS Home Studio Kit.

acoustic foam kit

Pro Acoustic treatment foam supplied factory direct from the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional acoustic treatment products.

The pro acoustic range of foam treatment. Designed to enable you to get the optimum sound from your room. All the foam sound treatment products are manufactured on site. And dispatched direct. Supplied from our state of the art ISO9001 accredited factory in Oldham Greater Manchester. Our aim is to give you high quality acoustic treatment products at realistic prices.

Pro Acoustic Foam AFP45 24 Tiles
Pro Acoustic Foam AFP45
Pro Acoustic Foam AFP45 6 Tiles

All our acoustic foam products are made using a fully automated manufacturing system. Profile cut using the latest CNC computer guided cutting machines. Made in the same way all the high end acoustic tiles are now manufactured where the precisely cut profiles always match up with each other. Unlike the older cheaper eggbox style tiles where the tiles were manufactured using old convoluting machines. Which are mainly used for packaging foam production. the downside of this way is that the tiles never match up and can look messy when placed together. a bit like misaligned wallpaper.

By selling direct from the factory we cut out the middlemen and resellers. This enables us to bring you high quality engineered acoustic treatment at the best possible prices. Now in our 10th year we have introduced our newest line of 3 BLOCK tiles and a matching Bass trap. All with outstanding NRC (noise reduction coefficient) values. The thinnest tile the BLOCK45 45mm thick tile has an overall NRC of 0.7 (70%). And the thickest tile the BLOCK100 came out with a staggering overall NRC of 1.15 (115%).

Pro acoustic tiles and traps can also be purchased from our factory shop in Oldham. But please check we have the tiles in stock before you turn up. Call 0845 600 9041 to speak to our shop staff.

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