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Acoustic foam room treatment. Direct from the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional acoustic treatment products.

Pro Acoustic Foam.  Manufacture and distribute a large variety of acoustic foam products. for both the professional and amateur music enthusiast. Our products are designed to acoustically enhance your listening pleasure, and supplied factory direct. at very low prices.

Our acoustic foam and will help in reducing reverberation. Reflections. And flutter echoes in recording studios. Home theaters. Music rooms. Rehearsal rooms. and home cinemas. etc.



Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam Room Treatment – Get the Right Sound.

Acoustic foam is vital for any room in which music is to be recorded. rehearsed. mixed or edited. In a control room the room has to be free of distortion. so that the signal can be judged accurately. So the main areas around the mixing desk make up the most coverage of bass traps and acoustic tiles. Acoustic foam may also be required on the rear wall. depending on how short the room is. Although primarily used in recording studios and rehearsal or live rooms. many people also use it for home studios. cinema rooms or anywhere where the sound quality within a room needs attention.

Acoustic Foam in a Live Room.

In a live room the sound waves in the room must be controlled. but be natural so some reflections are still desired in the room. Usually a live room calls for between 20 and 40% coverage of acoustic foam. and this will involve the installation of both bass trapping. and acoustic tiles. In a live room, the use of the room can sometimes vary greatly in terms of the genre of music that is being recorded or rehearsed. so effective acoustic treatment are a must to achieve the best results.

Acoustic Foam Pyramid

Acoustic Foam in a Vocal Booth.

In a vocal booth acoustic foam tiles are the only requirement. The amount of coverage in vocal booth depends greatly on how ‘dead’ the space needs to be. So if a vocal booth’s recordings are to be used in music then about 50% coverage of acoustic foam is required. If the vocal booth is being used for voiceovers then the acoustic tiles need a heavier coverage for tighter recordings. Never will 100% acoustic tiles be required in a vocal booth or any room for that matter. Some reflective surfaces will always be required in a room. Without reflective surfaces the recordings will sound very unnatural and claustrophobic and during mix downs reverb will need to be added to give the recordings air to make them sound natural.

An Untreated Room.

A room without any acoustic foam treatment will be very reflective. If there are no surfaces in the room where sound waves are being absorbed. then the results of the recordings will be out of control. By installing acoustic treatment the ‘liveness’ of the room can be brought under control. and the response of the room can improved. Use of acoustic treatment is the only way you can tell if what you are recording. editing. mixing or monitoring is accurate. as well as not negatively affected by the room you are in. Acoustic Treatment gives you the added ability to record and monitor accurately. Whether you want the room live or dead, acoustic treatment is the only way to tame the beast that is your room and keep it under control.

All pro acoustics’s acoustic foam products adhere to the exacting British standards. in Compliance with UL94 HF1 Classification. And also Complies with the requirements of Schedule 1,. Part 1,. The Furniture and Furnishings. (Fire) (Safety). Amended Regulations 1989.