Bass Trapping

Acoustic Foam Bass Trapping

Acoustic tiles are not the end of the story. The acoustic tiles will absorb the mid and top end of the frequency range and while acoustic tiles make up the biggest coverage of acoustic foam in the room you also need to treat the low end frequency.

Bass Trap AFBT02 Bass Trapping

Tackle Low End Frequency

Low end frequencies are stronger and longer than mid and high end frequencies and so it takes more mass to absorb these stronger frequencies. The only way to effectively treat low end frequencies is with the installation of effective bass traps.

Corner Bass Traps

Bass Trap Placement

The most common placement for bass traps is the corners. This is because low end frequencies tend to congregate in the corners. Sound can be 6-12dB louder in a corner than in any part of a room and this is why we insist on the installation of bass traps in the corners. Standard bass traps are 200 to 300mm wide but to step it up and tackle the lower frequencies the rule is, The more foam volume the bass traps have the lower they can absorb to. our AFBT02 and AFBTX are 425mm (16.75″) wide and have a large foam volume. the larger the trap the better the bass trapping.

AFBTX Pro Acoustic Foam Bass Trap