DIY B&Q Acoustic Foam Panel

DIY acoustic foam panels using a piece of mdf from B&Q

One question we are always being asked is how should I attach my acoustic foam to walls. the usual way is the use of adhesive contact spray, tube glues such as green glue and pink grip. and even panels hung with clips or panel pins.

Acoustic foam sticks well to walls

No matter how you hang them you will deface the wall to some extent, once glued on with adhesive well the foam will rip rather than be taken off the wall.

Make your own DIY panels

There is another option make acoustic panels, nothing could be simpler , pop down to your local DIY store like B&Q and get a piece of hardboard or plywood or better still MDF and at most B&Q stores they often even have a cutting service so you can get the board cut to the panel sizes you require.

then glue the acoustic tiles to the board attach a chain etc to the back  and you have an acoustic panel which can be hung like a mirror or picture and is also moveable.

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