Egg Cartons For Soundproofing

Egg Cartons in Recording Studios

Yes People actually do it

Gathering  up loads of empty egg cartons, fastening them to their walls, under the assumption that the shape will in someway work like real acoustic treatment and absorb sound,. Just because they resemble in some way the walls you often see in recording studios and radio broadcast stations.

Do egg cartons work to reduce sound ?

Yes in some way, all materials will have some acoustic properties and egg cartons will  have some effect on the room’s acoustics but they are not acoustic foam . Egg cartons are made of completely different materials and in no way will they act like acoustic foam such as the types of products used in used in sound booths and recording studios.

The fact is the egg cartons may even amplify some sounds you wish to dampen or cause sound distortion. Regardless, the result will not look so good or do much for sound absorption across a broad frequency spectrum.

Egg Cartons do, have acoustical value. and people have had their acoustic performance calculated
They measure NRC = 0.40. but this is a little misleading as the results show nearly all the absorption is in the 500 to 1000Hz range and almost none in the low end

Wherea’s acoustic foam products exhibit a smooth curve, there is a “spike” in the results with egg cartons.

acousticsfirst have a page detailing the properties of egg cartons and their test data can be downloaded here


You could do something else with your egg cartons to see if it works better on another product


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