Hyped up Acoustics Pro-Coustix Sonarflex V Pro Acoustic BLOCK45

Hyped Up Acoustics Pro-coustix Sonarflex V Pro Acoustic BLOCK45

Lets Compare 2 acoustic foam tiles in the same price bracket Firstly : Hyped Up Acoustics Pro-coustix Sonarflex and Secondly : The BLOCK45 tile from the Pro Acoustic range both tiles are 12″ (305mm) square and both are of similar thicknesses.

Hyped up AcousticsPro Acoustic

Now For The Differences

Hyped Up Acoustics pro-coustix

Hyped up acoustics Pro-coustix Sonarflex is a heavier density acoustic foam made from a 30 Kilo m3 acoustic polyether foam, and is cot on an eggbox convoluter with a dimple profile top surface. The manufacturer states the following.

These Pro-coustix professional Sonarflex acoustic treatment tiles have raised the bar in room acoustic treatment. Made from a high-grade 30Kg/M3 open cell acoustic foam these panels are precisely profiled like no other tiles in this price range also available with a self adhesive backing

Unlike other common  acoustic tiles these panels have more than two and half times the number of convoluted cones and dips when compared to the standard 12” panels effectively offering twice the reflective surface area of typical 12” tiles. These tiles also boast of over twice the number of cones and dips found in common 15” panels resulting in a reflective surface that is greater than most 15” convoluted tiles.

This focus on increasing the panel’s surface area means these tiles effectively obliterate any high frequency sound waves incident on them by presenting several obsorption and deflection surfaces. Further more the increased number of dips trap air in them creating resonant chambers broadening the spectrum of absorption in the medium frequency range. Medium to high frequency waves stand no chance!”

Side by side does this really stand up?


BLOCK45 tile from Pro Acoustic

Pro Acoustics BLOCK45 is made from a 25 Kilo M3 acoustic polyether foam, and is Computer guided CNC cut with a block profile design top surface. Its a lighter density foam than Hyped up Acoustics Sonarflex but let us rely on the test data compare the two please look at the table below


Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC Test Data
Frequency (Hz) Hyped Up Acoustics pro-coustix Sonarflex Tile 30KGm3 BLOCK45 Tile from Pro Acoustic 25KGm3 BLOCK45 is better by
125 0.09 0.10 11.1 %
250 0.28 0.29 3.6 %
500 0.48 0.54 12.5 %
1000 0.65 0.84 29.2 %
2000 0.66 1.05 59.1 %
4000 0.79 1.12 41.8 %
The table above shows how the Block45 tile compared against the Hyped up Acoustics convoluted “eggbox” tile. The BLOCK45 tile wins hands down on every  frequency showing it to have a staggering 33.6% overall better noise absorption coefficient.

So don’t believe the Hype that a denser foam makes a better acoustic foam, The NRC test data is what you need to compare.

The results above were taken from the test data provided on these documents http://www.hypedupacoustics.co.uk/images/stories/sonarflex%20test%20data.png

The CNC computerised profile foam cutting machines used to manufacture our tiles long since replaced the old eggbox roller foam convoluters.

You will now find that all the professional tiles as made by the high end acoustic foam specialists are now CNC cut on this type of foam cutting machine, as it gives a much neater finish and far better aesthetics to your studio.



Unlike many acoustic tiles sold on the pro acoustic range is tried and tested, the range is now in its 10th year and we have supplied thousands of these tiles into both professional and home recording studios. Having supplied our acoustic foam products into many well known professional studios, film sets and MTV to mention just a few.


Try for yourself and hear the difference that our pro-acoustic tiles deliver !

Acoustic Foam
Will Help You With The following

  • Reflection Both primary & secondary
  • Improve vocal clarity
  • Flutter echoes
  • Reverberation
  • Modal issues
  • Standing waves Mid to High
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