Pro Acoustic Foam. – Leading the way in Acoustic Treatment.

The Pro Acoustic foam range has now been supplying foam for just over 10 years. Providing music professionals and enthusiasts high quality acoustic treatment solutions at very affordable prices. By supplying direct from our manufacturing facility in Oldham Greater Manchester .

pro acoustic foam tile

Pro Acoustic Foam – Made In the UK.

By manufacturing in bulk and supplying direct to the public we keep our overheads to a minimum. Which has allowed us to keep the prices as low as we have. what started as a small section in the factory back in 2004. The pro acoustic foam division now has its own department. and CNC machines dedicated solely to the manufacture of high quality acoustic foam products. for the pro acoustic foam range.

Pro Acoustic Foam – Supplying Acoustic Treatment For Over 10 Years.

It is strange to think that before us the only alternative there was for acoustic treatment. was either over priced products from high end specialists. or cheap eggbox packaging foam performing as a poor substitute for acoustic foam. Our Pro Acoustic foam brand of acoustic treatments solutions. is fast gaining recognition in the world of music production. Our game changing AF  (Audio Foam ) range of  are now the most popular CNC cut vocal booth tiles online. and literally steal the show when compared to other alternatives out there.

pro acoustic foam bass traps

How to Order Prop Acoustic Foam.

To order you can buy online from this site or alternatively phone the factory outlet on 0845 600 9041. our factory shop is open. Monday. to Friday. 9.00am. to 4.00pm. please contact the shop before you visit to ensure we have the products in stock. We usually do however they may be in our factory warehouse which is not in the same place as the shop.